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[sticky post] this blog is mostly for fandom stuff

I might post here once and a while but it'll be friends locked. 

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Oct. 14th, 2012

Dear Yuletide Author, 

Thank you for considering my prompt! I hope my prompts are interesting/appealing and that you will, perhaps, enjoy filling them! This is my first time participating in Yuletide, so thank you for taking an interest in my prompts!! I'm very excited to see what comes out of them!

I'm a big fan of emotional stories, especially sad emotions in usually happy canons. For example, I once wrote my own fanfic about a magical girl feeling insecure about her breast size, so she begins stuffing her bra. I also wrote a future!au fanfiction about the death of Chibiusa from Sailor Moon and a crossover story about Smile Precure's Kise Yayoi and Kuroko no Basket's Kise Ryouta being siblings where Ryouta is a terrible (border line abusive) older brother and Yayoi suffers from chronic anxiety. I'm hope you like writing/reading sad stories too, because those are primarily what my prompts are about! 

Things I like: 
  • Sad things!! -- Don't be afraid to make me cry, insecurities are my lifeblood. If the characters are crying, having fits or generally act like train wrecks, I'm guaranteed to be happy!   
  • Nameless queerness -- You don't have to put a label on anything and coming out stories can be a little blasé.
  • Porn. Lots of porn. Especially kinky porn (foot fetishes, cross dressing, spanking, bondage, wax play, sensory deprivation, underage, blood play) though none of my prompts really facilitate that... oops. But if you do include any sex, protection is always great! Condoms, dental dams are really great to see in fan fic (especially because I'm a sex educator!) 
  • Fragile masculinity/femininity -- nothing squeezes my heart quite like a character's concern for their gender expression. I'm especially a big fan of feminine characters taking on typically 'masculine' sex roles/masculine characters and 'feminine' sex roles.
Things I don't like: 
  • Purple prose. I get second hand embarrassment when I read other people trying to be ultra writer-ly. Don't worry about impressing anyone, just write what comes naturally. 
  • Non/dubious consent  
  • Alcohol/drug use 
  • Scat
  • Uke/Seme sex roles. 

Prompt #1: Codename - Sailor V; Aino Minako & Artemis. 

Artemis watches Minako struggle with loneliness as she fights alone as Sailor V. He's too emotionally stunted to help her cope with the pressure of fighting evil and her depression. Minako becomes increasingly introverted/neurotic. 

I don't know about you, but I've always imagined Sailor V to be a kind of Minako centric prequel to Sailor Moon. I imagine this time must have been really very lonely for Minako; fighting crime, putting her life in danger all isolated and unable to confide in anyone. I imagine the stress would make her neurotic; she's suspicious of everyone, she has magical powers she can't admit to and her primary companion is a talking cat. I think this story would be best told through Artemis' point of view, but that's completely up to you!

Prompt #2: Smile Precure; Miyuki, Reika & Yayoi 

Yayoi has a crush on Miyuki but doesn't know how to bring it up. She thinks Miyuki likes her too, but is unsure because Miyuki is so friendly with everyone that it's hard to tell if she's taking a special interest in Yayoi or not. She asks Reika for advice. 

I really ship Miyuki/Yayoi!!! Which sucks because Reika/Nao/Akane (and it's variations) is the main ship in this fandom (not that I don't also ship that, especially as an OT3). Yayoi is my favourite character, followed by Reika, and I love that she's a giant crybaby but is also super strong willed. I'd like to see Yayoi really anxious about finding out it Miyuki likes her or not (bonus points if she cries about it on Reika's shoulder and Reika is not sure how to deal wit all of Yayoi's baby queer feelings.) It's up to you if Yayoi confesses or not, and if Miyuki accepts her feelings or not, but obviously I would love to see them get together and have tiny baby kisses. 

Prompt #3: Hunter x Hunter; Killua & Gon

Teenage Gon and Killua have really masculine, playful, rough sex out in the wilderness. I've only seen the anime remake so try to keep it spoiler free!

I'll admit I'm not particularly well schooled on Hunter x Hunter canon, mostly because I haven't read the manga. But I have a lot of feelings about Gon and Killua-- especially the whole Gon is objective yet naive thing and Killua's whole I just want to be a good, sincere person like Gon but I'm gruesome and tainted thing. I know later on in the manga their friendship comes to an end (aka they divorce) but if you could ignore that for my sake, I would be so grateful! Alternatively, you could place this story in a time when they aren't in conflict. In my original prompt, I say they're teenage but what that means is completely up to you. Like I said before, underage characters doing it is one of my kinks, but if that squicks you out then you're free to age them up however you please. My primary concern is about Killua and Gon being ultra masculine. I'm talking wrestling, hunting, eating meat with their bare hands, lighting things on fire kind of masculine. I think this kind of masculinity would also exist in their sex life so I would expect rough sex (interpret that as you will) but I think Gon is more sensitive-masculine so he would want to cuddle afterwards and maybe say 'I love you' (which is embarrassing for Killua, what a fussy baby, right?) 

Prompt #4: No. 6; Shion & Nezumi 

Nezumi and Shion finally reunite! The big, dramatic reunion happens and the two of them settle into every day life. How does       Nezumi adjust to normalcy (bonus points if he has ptsd) and how does Shion cope with finally having the person he loves around all the time (does living with Nezumi meet his expectations?). Extra specially 'I love you forever' points if Nezumi is bigender and Shion learns to tell the difference between Nezumi and Eve. 

I think my prompt is pretty straight forward but I should say I'm really emotionally invested in No. 6, especially in regards to Nezumi. He is the perfect combination of rage/tragedy/gender queerness/violence/moral ambiguity and he breaks my tiny heart!! For this story, I would really like to see these two struggle to fall into normalcy. Their lives have been so traumatic and filled with violence that I think it would be really difficult for them to find any kind of normal lives. I wouldn't mind seeing some smut in this story, especially in relations to Nezumi's bigenderness (maybe Eve likes to be touched differently then Nezumi does, maybe she calls her body parts different things when she's herself, etc etc) but that's completely up to you! 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or leave a comment. I hope all this information has been helpful!!!! (:


i have moved all my tcg information! if that is what your're looking for, go here


fanfiction: ROLES

a Mami Tomoe ficlet
warnings: body insecurity, character death, implied gore

Mami had watched magical girl shows all her life.Collapse )